Prof. Dr. Jonas Nunes (United Kingdom, 1980)

DDM, MSc, PhD, EurPhD

Dr. Jonas Nunes is an expert in halitosis. He spends his working time diagnosing and curing the causes of bad breath from the mouth, tongue, nose, tonsils, stomach, kidney and others. 

Dr. Jonas Nunes is a worldwide known recognised expert in the fight against halitosis or bad breath. He combines his clinical work-over 9,000 patients successfully treated – with research and teaching.

Author of numerous scientific papers and gives lectures and seminars in the United States, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Israel, Cuba and Brazil. He has been an honorary professor of the Department of Stomatology of the University of Seville.

In his educational curriculum, he has over ten academic qualifications and degrees, including a European doctorate, three master’s degree three titles and four university expert degrees.

In his doctoral thesis in 2010, he developed the protocol for diagnosis and bad breath treatment that is, the HCP Arthyaga® recognised by academic experts from the United Kingdom and Italy who awarded his PhD with the highest degree of “Doctor Europaeus” mention.

He has won several awards including the Outstanding Doctoral Award (U.S.), competing against over 1200 other research work entries.

Collaborates regularly with various media. In 2012 he published the book O mundo do hálito a descoberto (The World of Breath – Uncovered), presented at the prestigious Fnac in Lisbon, and in June 2015 published the book Cómo Cuidar tu Aliento – La Guía Definitiva, presented at the famous Hotel Majestic in Barcelona. In 2017, he published the italian version (Prenditi Cura del Tuo Alito – La Guida Definitiva) and in 2018, Doctor Nunes published How To Look After Your Breath – The Definitive Guide (in English).

The disseminated innovation awakened great interest both in the public as well as in the media.

Since 2007 he heads the Instituto del Aliento (Breath Institute) team. In the Barcelona and Madrid centers he has received and successfully treated patients from over 50 countries, including several celebrities.

In recent years, Dr. Nunes states that
“his mission is to positively influence the quality of life of any person anywhere in the world who is suffering due to his/her bad breath.”

This is why, thanks to the development of technology in the collection of biological samples and based on the Arthyaga® clinical protocol, he has developed the International Consultation (remote treatment by telemedicine), making available the diagnosis and treatment of bad breath or halitosis to persons anywhere in the world obtaining the same success rate as face-to-face consultation.