Breath Institute

Pioneers in the medical treatment for bad breath or halitosis.

Brief History

The origin of the Instituto del Aliento (Breath Institute) sprang into life in Chicago in 2007 at the scientific gathering of the International Society for Breath Odor Research (ISBOR), following the commitment made by a group of scholars from different countries and various medical specialties to share their research as regards human breath.

Two months later, the first actions were set into motion earmarked at research and the clinical care of bad breath patients in Western Europe. In order to channel the rising demand, in 2010 the Breath Institute was created.

Pioneers in the medical treatment for halitosis or bad breath.

It is the main center with a specific focus on human breath in Europe. Cooperating with professionals from the various fields of medicine and psychology with whom common objective is shared: the medical treatment for the bad breath which contemplates over 80 causes of bad breath (oral and extra oral) that may cause same.

Its success is based on the development of a medical protocol, the HCP Arthyaga® protocol widely acknowledged on a scientific level and endorsed by over 7,000 satisfied patients. The work and success of the Instituto del Aliento (Breath Institute) for to get rid of bad breath has attracted the interest of the most recognised social media.

It works through a wide consultations network specialists in the diagnosis of causes of bad breath and bad breath treatment of breath disorders both in Spain as well as Portugal.

In recent years, due to the prestige of the institute which goes beyond borders, arriving at the Barcelona center are patients and thousands of emails of requests for help from around the world, the International Consultation (diagnosis of the causes of bad breath and bad breath treatment endorsed by telemedicine) was developed, obtaining the same success rate as that of face-to-face consultation.

The mission of the Instituto del Aliento (Breath Institute) is to improve the quality of life of its patients, to take part in the progress of science and to advocate that the bad breath or halitosis be a socially recognised and understood disease.

Fives courses of action

As the first center focused on the definitive bad breath treatment, currently the Institute carries out the following courses of action:

  • 01 Treatment for bad breath (face-to-face and remote consultation).
  • 02 Development of clinical protocols for medical use.
  • 03 Research and scientific publication about cures for bad breath and others related.
  • 04 Training of healthcare professionals in bad breath solutions.
  • 05 Public awareness of a bad breath or halitosis still considered taboo.

Our location

We are in Torres Trade, Barcelona

Torres Trade Oeste
Gran Vía Carles III, Nº 94, 10ª 1º
08028 · Barcelona, Spain

Tel. (+34) 931 22 22 35