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1. To whom is the remote treatment for bad breath intended for? (our patients)

Our bad breath treatment is for any person having problems related to bad breath, dry mouth or bad taste in their mouths. Our speciality are persons who have halitosis despite having good oral hygiene (bad breath afther brushing, regular use of mouthwashes, tongue cleaner, dental floss), his/her dentist has told them that their mouths are healthy, to refrain from eating smelly food, and apparently that they do not suffer from any disease which is the underlying cause of bad breath.

2. Why do I have bad breath if I have a thorough oral hygiene? (bad breath)

Although the vast majority of people think that halitosis or bad breath can only be the result of poor hygiene (or a stomach problem), the truth is that there are over 80 causes of bad breath and most are not related to the mouth. This is why it is not surprising that many people continue to have bad breath although with good oral hygiene and do not suffer from dental or stomach problems.

Therefore, after an exhaustive research of over 5 years, the team headed by Dr. Nunes has developed the Arthyaga® protocol in order to determine what is the reason which causes of bad breath in the patient (through specific breath molecular analysis tests) and to provide an individual bad breath solution focused on the causes of bad breath (undisguised). Several European academic authorities have confirmed that the Arthyaga® protocol obtains a total permanent remission in 97% of the cases (and partial remission in the remaining 3%).

3. Remote bad breath treatment... is it really effective? (success rate)

Nowadays, the continuing effectiveness of remote bad breath treatment is 97%, the same as that obtained in the face-to-face consultations. In the remaining 3% of cases there is partial improvement. In recent years we have performed remote bad breath treatment with patients from over 50 countries, however, these patients were forced to come to our centre in Barcelona in order to leave their biological samples (exhaled air, saliva and bacteria) for to know the causes of bad breath and afterwards the remote consultations were carried out. Nowadays, thanks to the development of an innovative samples collection and transport system (our diagnostic kit: Arthyaga Box®), our patients can collect their samples in their municipality and send them to our headquarters in order to diagnose what is the reasons for bad breath and to prescribe the effective bad breath treatment, without the need of having to come to Barcelona.

4. How do I obtain the medicines in my country? (our bad breath treatments)

Practically all medicines and/or clinical procedures necessary for the cure of bad breath are available in pharmacies and medical centres in any country whatsoever. What is fundamental or is the key to success in the bad breath treatment is to know the causes of the bad breath. Should it be necessary to supplement the treatment with any medical procedure or a drug which does not exist in the country of the patient, we advise our patients as regards everything which may be required and needed.

5. Is my computer enabled for bad breath treatment for telemedicine? (the technological requirements)

It is suffice that your computer has an Internet, camera and audio connection (for example, what is required so as to be able to use Skype). Our technological system is easy to connect and is available to all. For any video conference inquiries we shall send you the link in advance which you must log onto at the time stipulated for your consultation (appointment).

6. Can I collect the samples myself? (collection of samples for treatment for bad breath)

The collection of samples for treatment for bad breath is carried out using the diagnostic kit (sent to the patient) during the video conference consultation with one of our healthcare professionals who facilitates, directs and attends to the patient throughout the entire process. We guarantee in this fashion that the samples are appropriately collected.

7. I live far away from my country's capital, will I receive the kit for bad brath treatment? (courier service)

We use a renown logistics provider and international courier service with the widest global coverage, so that we guarantee in this manner that both the delivery and collection of the Diagnostic Kit (Arthyaga Box®) anywhere in the world and without our patients having to worry about customs procedures and formalities. The Arthyaga Box® has been developed so as to allow the careful conservation of the biological samples during transport. In the very rare circumstance that as kit is lost, we shall send you a new kit.

8. What does the bad breath treatment cost? How do I pay? (fees)

The price of bad breath treatment includes: consultations with the healthcare professional, teleconferencing system, courier service (round trip, legal customs procedures and formalities), and the most advanced analytical tests in the world (gas chromatography analysis of the breath, microbiological analysis per quantitative PCR analysis etc.) for to know the causes of bad breath in our laboratories in Barcelona. Includes not only the medicines or possible complementary treatments prescribed by our healthcare professional to be performed in the patient’s country. Payment can be made using credit card (VISA, MasterCard), PayPal and bank transfer via our maximum security and user friendly online payment platform, being operated through the accredited Bank, La Caixa Bank located in Barcelona.

9. I'm interested in this bad breath treatment. How can I commence? (commencement of treatment)

You must fill out the form with your information on this website and we will send all the information so as commence the bad breath treatment with us.

Dr. Jonas fights bad breath or halitosis in order to restore quality of life to his patients anywhere in the world.

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