How the bad breath treatment works

We are able to diagnose and treat bad breath or halitosis remotely

You can now access our remote bad breath treatment from wherever one feels most comfortable and with the peace of mind as regards the utmost discretion throughout the entire process.

Primarily we have managed to deliver the cure for bad breath or halitosis of persons who already have a proper oral hygiene, and have tried various mouthwashes and have sought medical treatment without success while trying to stop bad breath.

The process of the International Remote Consultation (via the Arthyaga® Protocol) is very simple and consists of four steps:

Click image to view video explanation about how the Arthyaga remote consultation works.

STEP 1 (Complete information request)

The first thing that one must do is to fill out our website form requesting information and inquiring about the details of the process. Should one wish to do so, one can even request a telephone explanatory session so as to answer all your questions about how to fix bad breath or about our bad breath treatment before moving on to the consultation.

STEP 2 (Remote consultation and sample collection)

Should one wish to go ahead with the bad breath treatment with us, the first diagnostic consultation will be carried out through our videoconferencing system, wherein we collect the information which is required to draw up your medical history and we will guide you in real time so that you may carry out the collection of biological samples, using to that end our Diagnostic Kit (which you will have received at your home a few days earlier – wherever you are in the world).

STEP 3 (Sample analysis and remote consultation for treatment)

Upon reception of your Diagnostic Kit through our international express courier service and we will proceed to the thorough analysis of your breath, saliva and bacteria samples in our laboratories in Barcelona. In the next consultation, we will apprise you of the origin or the cause of your bad breath or halitosis and recommend the treatment necessary to give you a bad breath solution. There are over 80 causes and treatment varies depending on the cause.

STEP 4 (Remote consultations for follow-up)

Finally, and in order to achieve a permanent remission of the bad breath or halitosis, we shall carry out follow-up or control consultations. Normally two to three consultations are required to stop bad breath, depending on each case.

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